Our Trainers

Jordan Harris

is the founder and head trainer at CorePower Fitness. His many years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor has given him a passion for promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Certified with CanfitPro and Kickboxing Canada, Jordan has helped a wide range of clients get into shape and stay fit! Working as the exclusive fitness class instructor for Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata, Jordan has helped many people meet and exceed their individual and group fitness goals. Jordan started CorePower Fitness as a way to help people save time in their day and stay active at the same time. Seeing how much of an impact these classes can have on peoples’ lives, both at work and at home, Jordan continues to strive to bring fitness outside of the gym and into the workplace.

Carley Kenwell

graduated from Laurentian University with an Honors Degree in Sport Psychology. She is a certified personal trainer though CanFit Pro, and certified group fitness instructor through the “American Council on Exercise” (ACE). With over 10 years of personal training experience she has worked with clients spanning the gamut of elite athlete, to seniors looking to maintain their independence. As a lifelong athlete herself, Carley is a passionate advocate of using physical activity to improve your quality of life and prevent lifestyle related illness. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Carley is ready to work with you to help you to achieve them!

Adam Atallah

is certified through Crossfit as a L1 trainer and is currently in the Human Kinetics program at Ottawa U. Adam is an accomplished crossfitter, with a passion for health and fitness. Some of his accomplishments are: Wodtoberfest 4th place, Junior Gen 2016, 3rd place, and Junior Gen 2017, 2nd place. Adam has always been active through competitive sports growing up. After taking a fitness class in high school and having to create a workout program Adam had the curiosity to try it out for himself. After seeing successful results he found a desire to try out more programs and help others do the same. Getting into Crossfit shortly after, Adam began competing and teaching others the techniques necessary for success in the sport. Adam has since had great experience teaching classes and demonstrating proper movements for a safe workout.

Cathy Harris

is a certified Canfitpro Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer as well as a Phys-Ed teacher with 25 years of experience. Her specialty areas are Boot Camp, H.I.I.T. and core workouts. Her other certifications include Schwinn Cycling, Bender Ball and Kickboxing. Cathy’s classes are challenging and unique, with options that allow everyone to be successful. In her spare time Cathy enjoys cross-country skiing, tennis, cycling, swimming and reading.

Matt Van Wort

is a former regular force Canadian Armed Forces Artilleryman who took a military fitness course through DND and became the fitness lead for his regiment. From running fitness classes for hard army grunts , to teaching 8 year old boys and girls the fundamentals of hockey and training on and off the ice , Matt has trained both ends of the spectrum of clientele. Certified civi side through Ashworth College PCDI Personal Training program , Matt loves to train his body, mind and share his knowledge and passion with others . Other certifications include coaching through Hockey Canada , military first aid, and powerlifting judge. Matt played high levels of hockey with the 67s growing up, dabbled into MMA , Crossfit and Football, but now has been focusing more on Body Building, Kickboxing , and Powerlifting. His specialty is strength and conditioning circuits. His natural leadership and dedication to health is what drove him to love fitness instructing/personal training

Osama Sawan

is a certified personal trainer specialized in group fitness and nutrition. He is a fitness enthusiast who loves to help people reach their goals. With over 5 years of group training experience, Osama has helped a lot of people get healthier and stronger. Osama has run numerous outdoor bootcamps, training people with ladders, ropes and kettlebells etc.. He enjoys training classes as they involve a lot of energy and are a great way to interact with a group of people.

Georgia Giannoukos

is a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Her experience ranges fromteaching physical education in highschools to personal training at the Ottawa Athletic Club. Georgia strongly believes in the necessity of an active lifestyle to maintain mind, body and soul. Her passion for health coupled with her teaching background has led her to focus on lifelong learning, as she works on offering unique and rewarding fitness classes. She will get you moving in a caring, fun and dynamic way!

Richard Piper

Graduated with honours from Everest College with a degree in Health and Fitness and Nutrition Consultation. With a certification in Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu with a second degree black belt, he has competed in many national and regional competitions.

With over ten years experience as an instructor in: Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Traditional Jiu Jitsu, personal training, and self defence; Richard has worked with professional athletes, seniors looking to maintain their everyday health and mobility, and kids looking to learn a fun way to express themselves while learning an invaluable skill. He has dedicated his life into combining proper technique, with movement, and power, to prevent injuries related to martial arts and fitness.

As a lifelong athlete himself, Richard is a huge advocate of using physical fitness combined with proper nutrition to improve a person’s quality of life in order to prevent injuries or illness. He believes in creating a mind to body connection with his clients, martial arts, and every day life. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Richard is ready help you achieve them!

Jacqueline Fiander

is a Stott Pilates Instructor specializing in Mat and Reformer methods teaching at both essential and intermediate levels. She provides classes that will help you focus on quality of movement, strengthen core, abdominals, lengthen the muscles and energize the body. With 15 years’ experience training in Pilates, coupled with a Masters of Nursing Science, she knows the importance of maintaining a healthy body and the value of incorporating exercise into the workday. Enjoy just one of Jacqueline’s classes and you’ll feel the difference. After 5 you’ll notice a difference.  After 10 you’ll see the difference!

Dave Gardner

is an enthusiastic martial artist who has been studying and training in kickboxing for 10 years. His passion for fitness and martial arts led him to become an instructor, now with more than 7 years experience. He is also a certified kettlebell instructor under Agatsu Inc. While his classes are challenging and he focuses on helping students improve their skills and technique, he ensures that classes are fun and exciting. His favorite thing about being a martial arts and fitness instructor is watching people improve their health and wellbeing while having a great time doing it!